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I'd like another PhD student in my discipline to proofread my thesis for me - they've been recommended by a close friend as someone who is meticulous, which I like the sound of! I want to pay them, but I have no idea what the going rates are. I've had a look around a couple of proofreading websites but there don't seem to be advertised rates.
Anyone paid to have their thesis proofread and wouldn't mind sharing how much they paid? You can always PM me! :)

(This is simply for proofreading - checking punctuation, spelling errors and referencing etc. - NOT copy editing)

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£1 per page.


hi theboakster, I found this online , it has price on it, hope this helps
love satchi


Professional proofreaders in the UK follow the SfEP's minimum rate (see link). Average speed is 10 pages per hour. For a fellow student doing a bit of proofreading on the side, you'd probably pay less.


Thanks everyone!