COVID-19 - Concerns; Advice; Experiences

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Hi all,

I (very genuinely) hope everyone here is well. Some of you will probably know that I'm in charge of the Content Team (blog, etc) over at FindAPhD and FindAMasters - and that I occasionally post here when I think I / we have something helpful to offer.

I'm not sure that's entirely the case today and I know that many of you will be concerned about the impact of current events on your studies, or your applications. We've put together a post with the best advice we can find:

It's by no means exhaustive or comprehensive, but we'll try to keep it updated as best we can. Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Related to this, I'd like to try and help current and prospective students connect with and reassure each other. The great community here obviously does that, but I'm also considering putting together a post on FindAMasters and FindAPhD, sharing people's experiences and advice. If you'd like to contribute to that, please let me know - my email is mbennett[at]

Stay safe. The world needs more experts.