Data science/machine learning self-study in parallel with nanotech PhD for better carrier prospects


Hello all,

I am doing a PhD in Europe and I am halfway through. I have a degree in electronics engineering and I am doing research in nanotechnology.
I am considering pursuing data science, machine learning or something closely related, partially because I am starting to be fed up with the research I am doing and partially because I am afraid for my future carrier. Having an engineering degree and some programming experience, I wouldn't start from scratch. Although I work on an industry relevant topic, it is very focused, as all PhDs are, and I feel like I am not gaining any relevant industry experience. I know that this is a common concern of many PhD students, but I still wanted to ask for your opinion. Do you think that this plan is feasible and what are the chances of being hired in this field after obtaining a PhD in quite a different field? Any feedback is appreciated!


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Hi prejovi93,

I think side projects are good as 3 years on one project can get repetitive. Having something else on the side can help you stay motivated and interested in your PhD. I would just make sure you have realistic goals and don't get too distracted. As your main aim should be to finish on time but otherwise I would say go for it.


Thanks for your advice and I totally agree with it.