Deciding what to do


I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology 25 years ago. I am presently completeing a taught Masters degree in another subject area. I have been thinking about going back to my first love and pursuing a PhD in Psychology.

Here's my question. Since I am pretty rusty by now on stats etc, should I do an MRes first or just go straight for the PhD?


what's to stop you doing a few stats courses WHILE you're doing the PhD?


Since you are already back on the academic bandwagon with masters degree, then you may as well go straight to the PhD, and as mentioned above, do courses as you research.


i agree learn all the stuff whilst you're doing a phd. learn on the job so to speak.

i am in my final months and still have no clue how to do stats!

you learn as you go along. no need to do a Mres , if its a phd you really want to do! go with your motivation and enthusiasm.


It would be just the same with the Mres - you'd still need a course in stats. When you start your PhD there should be some relevant course(s) you can attend even if they are in another dept.


Thanks for the replies. They have helped a lot.