Declining a Conference Paper

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Hi guys,

I cheekily submitted an abstract to a local conference in a very loosely related field, hoping for at best a presentation. The problem is I got accepted for a conference paper when I don't have much data yet (I will have it for the conference but not the paper deadline). The deadline is in a few weeks and my supervisor doesn't want me to do a paper at that conference anyway, she didn't know they accepted papers.

It just feels a bit disingenuous to turn down a paper opportunity and ask for a poster instead. Is this common or am I being rude?


I'm not really sure how it will be perceived by the organizers of the conference, but i would do what works for you and your research ect. you have the excuse that your supervisor has requested you change to poster presentation, and just be polite and apologetic. also better sooner, than later, I'm sure they can find someone at this stage to fill your spot.