Didn't get AHRC funding - can I try again?


Ok, so I got an interview for a quota place but in the end didn't get funding. I was told however, that I was runner-up by my sup (who, I think, was told by his friend who was on the panel).

Any idea whether I could re-apply for an AHRC quota? So the funding would start from the second year of my PhD.

Any advice greatly appreciated! :-)


I'm not 100% certain as things may have changed, but its always been that you can apply again - I did. As I say though, it might be different now.


Hi Stressed, thanks. I asked my sup and he wasn't sure, but then I'm his first PhD student, so never had to look into this. In the AHRC guidelines it does say you can apply again, but then my departmental graduate tutor wasn't sure. He said he will look into it, but that was 3weeks ago, and now he stopped replying to emails...


My uni is on the Block Grant Partnership, so things may be different..However, in case it helps - I applied for my first year, didn't get it, so applied again for the second time with two years left full time, and was lucky enough to get it. This means my award specified 24 months, when the other recipients this year were for 36 months, but it certainly is possible. Hope it works out in your case.


Thanks Jane. Isn't the Block Grant and the quota awards the same thing? Or I'm just getting confused with all these different award types.

How did you re-apply? Do you have to submit a new proposal? What paperwork did you need to have?