Difference between PhD in UK and US



Iam a recent postgraduate student and I would like to know the difference in PhD in Uk from US??

I hear in US ...we can get full funding for project along with publications.
Rather than here we hardly get one publication or rare at end of PhD??

Any suggestions....What should be the criteria for research???

Is it


how far it is worth to do in reputed university with less techniques
Is it better to do good university but with all techniques???

After you finish your PhD?

What is that they see???

1) Did you do from reputed university
2) Publications?
3) Techniques learnt.

Why Am I asking all these questions is I got PhD admission in no2 rank university in UK...
which is self funding...
Is it worth doing PhD just cos the uni is reputed one?? with no interest in topic
Just follow your area of interest...

I have seen this site is much helpful for all the starters...of PhD... !!



After decoding your message i think you're asking if you should do a PhD based only on institution, with no interest in topic.
My answer would be no.


You would be nuts to start a PHd in a topic that you had 'no interest in', there would be very little chance of completing.

The commitment required is much more that a project to be managed to achieve a qualification you need to have or develop a significnant spark for your work.


Thanks for the response.
My query is..
What they see after you finish your phd??

1) Your technical skills??
2) Your publications?
3) From which university you have done??


Sorry to say it, but your question is unanswerable. It depends on who is looking at your achievements. Some people will look at the uni, some the topic, some what you learnt, some will disregard it as completely irrelevant. It will differ between academia and business too. Some people will look not at the quality of the institution per se, but at the quality and renown of your supervisor and/or research team, some people will be solely interested in how your skills translate and couldn't care less where you did the qualification.

You can help guide people to see what you want. Obviously if you do a PhD at Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard etc, put it in big letters on your CV cos that will impress some employers. You will also want to highlight the skills you gained. Maybe you led a team during the PhD, showing leadership skills. Most PhDs show a level of self motivation. It's up to you to sell this to your potential employer.

So basically, do something you enjoy because 1/You will not hate the next 3-4 years as much and 2/ The name of the uni may not mean anything to your employer in the future anyway.

Sorry for the slightly muddled answer, but as I said, the question is pretty much unanswerable.



Thanks for your response.
Am in bit confused state cos though I achieved admission from reputed univeRsity,after seeing my seniors coming out without publications that distress me...

I have two options in my hand...
UK research admission....reputed uni+ nopublications +no intrest in topic+no funding
US research ...not so reputed+publications+intrest in topic+ funding

Can any one suggest me is it risk to start a phd(UK) without funding???

I have amount for first year but thinking for loan second n some charities third year???

iS IT ok??high risk????