Disappointed Postdoc: Is academia really that toxic?


Hey all,

I have come to a realisation these past few months and I would like to discuss this with people who might understand the situation.

Finished my PhD, and started my PostDoc. Being proud of being a Dr. and achieving the highest qualification in my educational journey after such a challenging journey I joined the university with aspirations, dreams, and a great dose of romanticism.

Ever since I joined the university as a Postdoc, ( 2 months), I am being treated as an assistant to say the least. I feel like I am the equivalent of an undergrad in the department. I never demanded to be treated like a professor, I know my place in the ladder...but it saddens me that the human element is lost between great egos, unemotional faces, and power dynamics.

I know what I want to achieve through my PostDoc, and this is the only thing that is keeping me sane. Even though it is too early to speak, I do not like the academic culture, it is too harsh for me.

Is this it? Why?
How can one leave academia and start consulting?
What can one do in the industry?

Thank you.


As with everything with life, if you choose the wrong role with the wrong team, things can be toxic.

Go ahead and leave academia if you don’t like it. Life is too short not to try. Do your literature review and read articles of what industry roles there are. Maybe target a start up and work your way up. All the best