do I have a chance?


I have wanted to do a phd for several years now. I realise a distinction for my LLM would have really helped but it didn't happen... for both my BSc and my LLM I got in the high 60s, is it sufficient to get funding?
also, the potential supervisor (a lecturer on my LLM) I had approached seemed to have backed down after saying she'd be very happy to supervise me. she now says she doesn't have time to help me with my proposal and that I should just submit it independently. I fear it is very bad prospect, but is there still a chance?


i know lots of people of have gotten PhD studetnships with 2.1 in different feilds. it sounds to be that an interview can be as important as a good undergraduate degree. best thing to do is be proactive. email as many prospective supervisors as you can find

emphasise your passion for your subject and your suitability for the position. you might find as a lot of poeple do that you will have to email a number people and go for a number of interviews before you get the position you want.

i would feel soemthing is lacking on your CV, do something about it. do a masters relevent to the feild you are interested in, get some relevant experience in industry