Do you ever sit there, fingers pressed against and rubbing your temples and think...


It's all going Pete Tongue! Call me imbecilic, but I've just realised the enormity of the tasks I face and how ill prepared I am. Papers are scattered around me everywhere I look, I've got a focus group coming up, I've got no questions for them to chew over and don't even know how to hold a focus group anyway. Now that's all perfectly surmountable as far as I'm concerned, but I just feel stuck in the mud, going nowhere with anything too fast and the end product of my final research feels so, so far away. And there's just so much to think about before I get there too. And my head feels like it's going to explode. And I'm a bit bored with it all to boot. Anyway, nothing negative really - just venting my spleen.


I feel your pain.

It's 'Tong' btw, not 'Tongue'...


Good Luck with the focus group!


Thanks Jayney Erm, damn spell checker on my web browser.


You could distract the focus group from the lack of questions with a nice packet of biscuits - and cups of tea!

Seriously I get so worried about my PhD sometimes I get dizzy and my bowels fall out!

You could ask the focus group to discuss and general topic and see what comes out of that?

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Come on chrisrolinski, we all know its a 'Sausage Sandwiches only' forum.


Hehe, yeah, know what you mean. Been pretty nonchalant about my work so far, but now it's starting to get to important parts I'm thinking otherwise. I'm thinking about getting them to discuss a general topic instead or questions, actually. Good idea about the biccies! A ice breaker if nothing else.


Eww sausages!