Does anybody have this book? Material Memories


If anyone has this book handy on their bookshelves, it would save me a trip to British Library (so short of time, writing-up away from the uni and couldn't find any electronic copies). I just need to confirm whether something I have in my thesis is a direct quote or not, that's all. I wrote that section three years ago, and for some reason didn't format that bit with the usual style.

Material Memories
M. Kwint, C. Breward and J. Aynsley.
Oxford, Berg



Sorry, don't have the book, but have you tried putting the full quote into Google in quotes, e.g. "This is a quote" - sometimes that will get you a reference - if it's in another paper or place or if someone else has quoted it.


I've got it!! What bit do you need checking?


yaaaaay! :-) thank you so much Rubyw. I'll send you a PM.