does anyone else get eye twitches?


This is really really annoying. I developed twitching on one eye a couple of weeks ago and it's becoming a wee bit impossible to ignore so close to my thesis submission. I know it's temporary, but is there anything I can do to stop it sooner than later? I had eye twitches before, but they never lasted. Anyone else getting these? Any advice?

I try to avoid google when it comes to health as it tends to diagnose even the smallest finger-cut as cancer... and my motto usually is 'if you ignore, it'll go away'. But this time it isn't going away. So I thought I'd ask real people.

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ooh I get this at bout 4pm if I've worked all day (so rarely haha :$) I think I must squint or something, although I do wear glasses and had my last eye test 2 weeks ago.


oh twitching is very common! When I was damn pi$$ed off with something last week (like really really upset), a bit on my arm near my elbow twitched in silly manner all night. Then i ginored it and it left. Eye twitches can last fortnights sometimes. Generally, stress/anxiety etc can cause twitching of muscles here and there at times. Generally, I think one is supposed have a balnced diet so we dont miss out on the vitamins, esp B group ones.

On googling for symptoms - I spent Feb-March in complete paranoia caused by googling 'symptoms' which 'confirmed' a million diseases. So, never google.


Oooh I get these too - my mum (when I was a teenager so I'm not sure how reliable this is) always said it was because I was tired - not sure if it was just an excuse to get me to go to bed earlier. But seriously I still get it but usually when I am long term tired.


I predict that if you get enough sleep it will get better. I have a friend who develops a turn in her eye when she gets tired.

And staring at a screen does not help the health of your eyes at all...It will be worth it though?!?!


I had that a while back and I think it lasted 2 weeks, disappeared then popped back again for another week or so! Not sure what caused it, either I strained it in being in front of the laptop too long or I was stressed about something. I guess there's nothing you could do about it but try to ignore it. It'll eventually go away. I used to like staring at the mirror and seeing it twitch, but it did irritating most times.

Maybe you should take more breaks away from the computer screen, or keep a further distance, that might help.

CB x


I have this from time to time, it seems to coincide with stress/anxiety and tiredness for me. Once when I was under a lot of stress I had it in various other muscles as well, in my arms and legs, along with general muscle aches. I was convinced (especially after a bit of googling) that something must be seriously wrong with me, which of course only added to the anxiety and made the symptoms worse. I even got it slightly in a muscle in my throat that I didn't know existed, that was very weird. I eventually went to my GP who said it was normal and stress-related. It went away on it's own after a while, though I still get it occasionally.

Not sure how you make it stop, maybe just try to get enough sleep if you can and take regular breaks, and based on my experience, don't worry about it, or you make it worse!


Thank you for the answers.
Ah it was gone for a bit, then I sneezed and now back to square one. Note to self, don't sneeze! :-)
Good advice re nutrition, eyesight and sleep. And yeah, as eskimo_sue says, it'll be worth it.


Do you sleep enough? If not, take a long sleep, rest your eyes and it would probably pass. Caffeine can causes twiches so also reduce your caffeine intake.
I wish you get better soon.


wil sound like a real nan now :-) but

1. 5 a day
2. 1 hour exercise (yoga is superr!)
3. caffeine/smoke/alcohol - reconsider amounts

and vvvvv important -

No stressing. seriously. Like Ephiny said, stress and anxiety can cause wonderfully weird 'symptoms'.


:-) real nan, lol xx

I do all of those, apart from sleeping. That might be the case then.. hmm. Thanks for advice. Now please somebody kidnap the baby upstairs so I can sleep tonight


LOL! I have had an eye twitch in the left eye for over a month and it won't go away. I am working too hard but can't stop as the data is just zooming in!!! At under grad I was told to dim the lights or turn off the lamps in my room which could help it. However, more recently, I was told by the optician that the reason I was getting a twitch could be due to one eye being weaker than the other. Thus, the stronger eye would be working overtime to work for the other and develop a twitch due to it working too hard!!! Therefore, (this sounds like a paper! P.S. I am a bit tipsy right now so probably ignore me) you should go to the optician and you may require reading glasses which will give your good eye some 'time off'. :D:D:D:D:D

Hope that helps!


lol Superman. I hope you are tipsy after a fun night, not because of too much data.

Good point actually. I'll see my optician asap (if I can get some time away from thesis).

Good luck with your twitch too :-)