Does anyone else require psychic powers?


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Okay, I've had a s**t day. Is it just me, or does doing a PhD mean that people automatically assume that you know all sorts of things that you could not possibly know unless they had already told you? Have spent weeks and weeks on some ethics forms which I am supposed to be submitting this week. I emailed the person in charge today over a minor query just to be told that the forms I had got signed were in the wrong format so the signatures couldn't possibly be accepted, that I needed another form called something I have never heard of that nobody has ever mentioned, that I needed a reference number which nobody has ever mentioned, let alone given me. You could be forgiven for thinking that maybe I have just been a bit slack and not checked everything out in enough detail, but believe me, I have done my homework and this stuff just isn't mentioned ANYWHERE!! Now it looks like I might miss this month's deadline and I am mighty pissed off. Did I miss the induction at the beginning of the year where all new PhD students were granted with psychic powers? Anyone?!
Rant over. Hope you all had a better day than I did!


hi keenbean I've also had difficulty with ethics stuff, from writing the draft of the application to making the changes to getting the "official" approval which took ages and ages and ages..... I also missed deadline because of reasons which could have been avoided.... I know exactly what you've been through!!!! heres to a better tomorrow--and days to come!!!!
cheers satchi


Ethics applications are a nightmare, even with the new 'improved' IRAS system. It's like it's actually designed to make you miss things/misunderstand. Whatever you do, try to avoid multicentre studies or the kind that require you to additionally get ECC (formerly PIAG) approval. The latter requires you to specify who will fulfil various roles, and when you seek clarification as to what these roles actually are, and what some of their jargon means, they don't seem to have much clearer ideas than you.

I feel your pain.


Managed to get through the IRAS fiasco and am doing a multi-centre study but it was a absolute nightmare for sure. I hate the ethics process and am glad that I got it out of the way. Would definitely have helped to have been psychic!


My psychic abilities are awsome. Truly awesome in fact. I foresee that this ain't over yet and that much more frustration is heading your way...all with "Ethics" stamped on it. May I suggest all large, heavy objects are removed from your reach to prevent you bludgeoning some witless admin wonder to death? ;-)


Yeah...thanks for that, Hypothesis ;) I have a feeling you are right! And yes, it is the dreaded IRAS 'new and improved/streamlined process'! Just when you think you are ready to submit you make that dreaded phonecall about one tiny last detail only to find that you need yet another form, a different signature, and various other things that just a week ago I was assured that I didn't need! And I do have several research sites. It is very nice to hear that I am not alone in all this though- I swear the whole system is designed to make you feel completely incompetent! Oh well, after storming home in a foul mood last night, I went to aerobics, ate lots of chocolate ice cream and watched some trashy TV. And this morning I feel fit to continue my quest to conquer the ethics world! Have a good day people! KB


You felt incompetant? This will not do! Did you fill in the correct form prior to feeling incompetant? Signed - in triplicate, preferably in blood (yours) or a black biro? We can't have every PhDer in the forum wandering around their campus feeling incompetant willy-nilly now can we? makes the place look untidy...

Lovingly signed

Your friendly local useless admin pillock.



Fraid not....heaven forbid I feel incompetent without first following the correct procedures ;) Have had another fun day of chasing invisible people for signatures, printing out six trees' worth of paperwork, and triple checking that I have enough copies of everything printed and saved in at least four different places, so that I can satisfy the lovely ethics lady tomorrow with my stunning competence! I have a horrible feeling it will end in tears....! KB