Due to personal reason have to quit my Ph.D.


Hello there,
I'm a 24 years old girl, started my Ph.D. in electrical engineering last Jan in Montreal, Canada. But, unfortunately my husband couldn't find any position here. He found a very good one at U of A in Edmonton which is more than 4 hours far from Montreal by airplane (Crazy, eh?!!) He found a good Ph.D. position for me there to convince me quitting my program in Montreal. Academic-wise and money-wise, the positions awaiting me at U of A are better. other than that, staying far from each other is very hard and I don't wanna sacrifice my marriage. Now, my problem is that how to tell my supervisor that I'm leaving!!!! any help and advice is very much appreciated.


Honesty is the best policy!! Seriously- just tell him what happened and he/she will understand supervisors appreciate honesty. It is when you start lying that the problems begin.


Are you advanced enough in your PhD to be able to carry on as an external student? If you started last January, that means you have nearly 18 months of work behind you. What you need to weigh up is whether you want to start over again, or continue with where you are at with your current supervisor - just without the convenience of face to face contact.


Could you transfer your studies to the new university? This would be administratively complex, though perhaps still possible.

One student in our department, who completed last year, transferred from another institution after two and a half years (part time).

This was in the UK in a humanities subject, however, and his research was a good fit with his then new supervisor.

If your PhD involves lab and team work, I get that the obstacles to transferring would be insurmountable.

Anyway, just an idea...