Dyslexic PhD student needs editing help


Hi there, I am struggling with my editing for my longer proposal. 10000 words. I could do with wine help with my editing. I have good content etx but need help with flow. I can pay a little for the help.
I am a dyslexic mature student within the field of occupational therapy and addiction

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I am not dyslexic but a good PhD friend was. What she did was break up the work into shorter bits and asked everyone that she could to proof read parts of it. That included; supervisors, other PhD students, friends, technicians, family. Quite regularly I would get a a page or two to proof read even if I knew nothing about the topic. So if you want to do it for free, if you break it into manageable chunks most people will help you.


I struggled with this during my PhD thesis. I agree with rewt ask people for help, but send them completed sections, for examples the introduction, or methods... not just a paragraph here and there.

If you use work download Grammarly or use the read-aloud function. I find read allowed good- you can hear what you have written being said and can edit then.


Hi! Do you still need help with editing? I'd be more than happy to help you with that!


Hi Brenda, I need help with editing my thesis.. English is my second language and I'm also dyslexic. Would you be willing to help? Cheers