Editing: how long?



I'm a new user, and I am just writing my final chapter of a History PhD, although I also need to do the introduction and conclusion. Two of my chapters require quite a bit of editing, mainly cutting and tightening up, but the others are more minor points. With that in mind, when is a reasonable time scale to be expect to be submitting? I currently work part time as I am not funded, 24 hours a week. Many thanks in advance, I'm struggling to see the end at the moment!


I would suggest giving yourself two months from this stage. That might seem long but all those last minute jobs seem to take longer than you might expect. I was a whole Sunday afternoon & evening sorting out the final type setting & layout for example, and that was a long time after I started all the proof reading and editing. Then printing took another two evenings!
If you set yourself two months you may well finish early, and that always feels good!
Good luck! There is an end in sight.
Mog :)


I had about 2 days after I finished my thesis to check it through before submitting. I passed the viva (minors) but with all the errors I spotted before my viva; with hindsight i would want 6 weeks.

I would take first two weeks off. Then read the thesis in paper print form cover to cover. Then spend a month fixing it.


Thanks, that's encouraging! So, if I realistically aimed for Christmas, I'd have more than enough time? I was noticing that we need to give two month's notice to submit, I'm a little worried about doing this in case I end up over-running! I have no funding, but have until the end of September 2014 to submit, before my University gets worried! Is it a good idea to have it pretty much finished, before entering the notice to submit? :)