Endnote question (one reference appears in bold)


Does anyone know how to get rid off this: I have a big list of references atthe end of the thesis, but the author's name in one of them insists of appearing in bold. How can I stop that from happening? Changing the format in Word or re-formatting bibliography doesn't seemto help. Every time the document is re-opened, the problem comes back.So I assume, I need to sort that out in Endnote, but how?


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Life is way too short to be worrying about these sort of things. You should be able to fix the offending reference in word, correct? And presumably you dont have to submit a digital version, so fix the dodgy reference, save and print. And remember that you have to fix it every time you want to print it. Yes, its probably a setting in endnote somewhere - but its only a little problem.

hope this helps a little, and hope i understood the situtation properly!


Trust me, I wouldn't waste time if I didn't have to. And I have to submit a digital version too. I have tried correcting that on Word (as mentioned on my original post). Other things I tried in Endnote didn't solve either (checked output formats etc). Even deleting and recreating the reference So in the end I had to rename library and rebuild the bibliography from that one. So, it probably was some bug. Sorted now.


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I think it would be the actually reference in Endnote maybe the author's name is in bold? Try going in and editing the reference from within Endnote


Yikes - not a small task you had to undertake then! But, its fixed now - sorry i was of no help whatsoever!


Not quite sure if this is the same problem everyone is having, but I messed around with this for a day and fixing the fonts did not change anything. It turns out in my case, I had a filter going (in my case a PubMed filter) and the manual reference I was entering was so old it could not be found in PubMed. When I removed the PubMed filter it fixed it. Hope this works for you.