Endnote question


When I read a paper, I attach it to the relevant Endnote entry under the "File attachments" heading. Is this adding the actual file to my library, so that it becomes part of the library, or is it merely attaching a link to the file stored elsewhere on my computer? I ask because I'm worried about transferring my library/papers to a different folder or drive, and losing the link between them.


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it is linking it to where it is stored somewhere else. But they should all be stored in the same folder, so if you ask to make a copy of the library, then it should bring it all with it.


EndNote stores a copy (yes, copy) of the PDF (or whatever file format) in a new folder in the YourLibraryName.Data/PDF/ directory. Hence all PDFs are stored here.

So if you plan to move your library anywhere else, make sure you copy the directory with it.