ESRC 1+3 Personal Statement - strangely short...


So I'm applying for a second Masters (!!!!) as there's some funding I've heard about and my current MSc isn't ESRC-accredited. And I'm doing the personal statement on the application form.

They've said between 1000 and 1500 words, and despite the fact that I'm usually the sort of person that can bang on forever, I've only been able to generate 882 words about myself! What's gone wrong?

Have done paragraphs along the themes of Introducing Myself, Strengths/Interests, Academic Background/Interests, Ambitions/Research Interests, Purpose and Objectives of undertaking graduate study.

It's very strange that I can't come out with more, as I'm a mature student with two and a half degrees already and a long working life - I've included all this and still it's short. I just hope that this means I've honed a 'quality over quantity' personal communication style.

What do others think? Shall I pad it out with My Earliest Childhood Memory or My Most Embarrassing Moment? Or leave well alone? :-x


Shall I pad it out with My Earliest Childhood Memory or My Most Embarrassing Moment?

That would sure make personal statements more fun to write up! :-) I don't know what else you could put... did you mention skills you've obtained? I would try to pad it out to reach just over 1000 words. No one likes a lengthy personal statement but the fact that they've given you a minimum and maximum word limit means it should lie between that.

Best of luck
CB x


Hi Ogriv,

I would spend the remaining 150 or so words to talk about how you would suit the programme more than anyone else, but before you write that, check something: I recently completed a PhD application, and spent days trying to come up with a 2000 word essay on Personal Interest, only to realize on the day of submission that they meant 2000 characters. Was a very exciting night, I can tell you that. :)


Thanks both for your replies...

Took ages to respond as life has been hellishly hectic. Turns out they were after 1000 words, not 1000 characters (!)

In the end I remembered a committee I'm on, so I bored them with that.

Have heard I've been lucky enough to get an ESRC 1+3 quota nomination at the uni I'm applying to, so that's very exciting!

Good luck all with your endeavours! (up)