ESRC 1+3 Quota Awards


Hi everyone,

I wonder if you can clear something up for me. I have just won an ESRC 1+3 quota award, which is fantastic. Does that mean I now have funding secured....or do I still have to compete for funding?

Any ideas?


Congratulations!! Thats great - as far as I know, this means ESRC are going to fund your masters (the '1' bit) then your PhD. So you are sorted! I am in for the ESRC 1 +3 Open competition, meaning I am up against all the other applications...


Congrats! you are all set and funded for four years. Hurray!



And good luck with the open competition.


as far as i know, you will still need to fill in some (rather complicated) forms, the deadline for which could be May 1st. but that's just to prove that you fulfil the basic criteria. having a quota place means that you have no more competition to go through.