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Hello all,
Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having! I was just wondering if there were any fellow ethnogaphers out there (ok so I'm strictly a mixed methods researcher but the PhD is an ethnography, long story!) who had a "bible" so to speak that they swear by? As I'm still struggling a bit methodologically and it's something I really need to get to grips with as I'm currently in my research phase!

Thank you all you lovely people!
Lindalou :)

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Well the one everyone seems to use as a base is Hammersley and Atkinson "ethnography" - I've got 3rd edition (2007)

I'm not sure of other good ones, but the refs in the back of the above book have many ethnography orientated titles ;-)

Not sure if this helps but good luck :)


John Maanen has some good articles and books on ethnography. I started with his Tales from the field and Emersen et al's, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes per advice from one of the researchers here. Another article that helped me get going with it was Canniford's Moving Shadows: (something subtitle I can't find at present).


Thank you both, I'll get reading!



James Spradley's "The Ethnographic Interview" is another classic and was required reading for me.

Good luck with your study :-)


My recommendations are Atkinson, Coffey et al (2001) 'Handbook of Ethnography', and Gobo's (2008) 'Ethnography', which is excellent on the note-taking process.