European (non-UK) PhD interview went well. No decision yet.


So I interviewed for a PhD position in Robotics (in Finland) on 28/10. The interview was supposed to be informal mainly for the supervisor to know more about my interests and how they align with his group. Although a presentation was not mandatory, I had one handy from another failed interview (failed not because of the presentation). It was supposed to be for 30 minutes but went for about 50 minutes with only the supervisor on the other side. I explained what I did in the past and what my ideas are for this project. We also discussed some more interesting topic that can help with the project and I was also asked about my possible joining date and he briefly advised me on how the visa process works. I also asked if my interests would be in conflict with other people on the group, to which he said not really and that they would fit quite nicely with the group. I believe it was a positive interview since I got another mail on 30/10 from one of his PhD students (2nd year PhD) to arrange an interview for 1/11.

This interview was also like a discussion albeit in more technical depth but occasional laughs from both me and him. I was told that I was already in some form of shortlist so my chances were high and there is probably another guy that someone else in the group will be interviewing. This also lasted for about 1 Hour and 5 mins. We also exchanged few e-mails based on some clarification on a question to which he responded nicely.

When I though this was my last, I got another interview request from another student (3rd year PhD) from the professor's 2nd research group on 2/11 for an interview on 3/11. This interview, well, since I was aware what kind of discussion it will be, I was even more prepared and consequently went even better than the last one. This guy in his own words said "I am happy man, I am very happy." (He is an East Asian guy). When I asked him when to expect a response, he said that he wasn't sure but expect for 2 weeks.

Following this I sent an email to the professor, on 5/11, thanking him for giving me the opportunity to interact with his group and I mainly emphasized on how I can be beneficial for the project and how I can collaborate with other team members. I got no response to this date although I never really asked any question from him.

Considering how fast this whole process has moved, this feels strange that they would hold off the decision for this long. I am aware that they don't think about work on weekends, but it has been 5 working days (7 including weekend) since the last interview. Maybe I am freaking out for no reason and should probably just wait for their decision and keep applying for other positions as well. I have heard about great interviews but negative decisions and that this whole process in very uncertain.

Can anyone share their experiences?