Everything seems to be going horribley wrong....


Why, oh why, is this so hard!!!

I have spent months researching, drafting and fine-tuning a paper. I sent it to a contributer (who provided data) last week for some input, who replied on Monday saying that we could not possibly publish the paper if we want to use the data set in the way we have!
I was not down hearted at first, and emailed to arrange a meeting- said contributor has still not emailed back however my supervisor bumped into him today and he said we would have to start from scratch again. Problem is that the data set dosn't provide the example I need for my training paper.

Another data set I have for another paper is also proving difficult to analyse and I have hit a brick wall with this after spending all day today trying to use another programme that once again won't work!


I am so downhearted and feel that I have been working for 6 months on nothing. I am behind on my reading a lit review because of these papers that have come to nothing! And I still have nothing to publish or present at conferences etc.

Sorry, guys, just needed a big rant. I have no one to talk to in my department about this as all the other PhD students just ignore me!


Hello SillyBilly. I do not know exactly how to console you but to say i feel your pain and also that it is not everytime things go according to how we plan, we are bound to hit obstacles one way or another. I hope this does not affect your PhD substantially. Just pick yourself up and carry on. I have also hit a brick wall and do not know where to turn but i know somehow it is going to work out.


First of all, I'm very sorry about this and I know how depressed you must feel.

How cruel it may sound, though, this should teach you a very important lesson: do not get sidetracked thinking about publications too much while you should be working on your PhD. You see now, this has only slowed down your progress and no direct benefits have been gained. All I can say, really.


Thanks guys for your comments. Am feeling more upbeat now and have learned a lot from this experience, which is what doing a PhD is all about

The contributor still hasn't got back to me, which is a problem as my supervisor is going to visit his home country for a month next week.
I have managed to simulate a dataset that leads to the results I'm after (it's a training paper) and am going to show my supervisors what I have done this afternoon as we have a meeting.

I'll update you all later today!