Examiners now wanting corrections different to what originally stated in revise/resubmit.


Long story but my Masters dissertation came back with a revise & resubmit. I made all the changes as stated by the examiners, then resubmitted the dissertation, only to have it marked as `major corrections'. The points I needed to correct were different than what was originally required for the revise & resubmit. This requires me to write different/additional stuff that hadn't been mentioned. Is this allowed, or once I have done all the corrections the first time round, I shouldn't have to do extra stuff? The other question I have, is can one appeal to have one's dissertation marked by a different external examiner? thanks


That's allowed for a revise and resubmit. It's quite normal to have further corrections, you just need to make these.

I don't think you have a valid reason to change examiners at this stage.

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I don't know. If the corrections are massively different from those expected (i.e. the goalposts have been moved), you at least should ask why.

That said, some changes are to be expected once the examiners have had a chance to assess what changes are needed post-viva.