Failed PhD


Hi All

I am sorry that I have no added the final chapter of my story

For those who may wounder what happened to my situation, here my story.

After a few months, I re-submitted my thesis and after two months, I had my viva. The new Viva lasted less than three hours and passed with minor corrections. Graduated in July 2016 and got a job week after my graduation. Since then I have been promoted a few times and I now manage a team.

Does my PhD helped me to be promoted faster in my field, Yes, it did to some extent but do I think PhD worth doing it, I still don't think if you are not going to take Academia route which I didn't? PhD only helps if you want to be a lecturer.

I didn't take academia route and I don't think I ever will. I don't want to end up to be a miserable examiner and fail a poor student just because her/his research contradicts my research that I have done it many moons ago.

The industry doesn't appreciate what you have gone through to achieve PhD and sometimes when you apply for a job, you don't get a job because you are overqualified.

Once again, I hope no-one ever goes through the horrible experience that many of us had gone through, but if the end up in my situation, DON'T give up because the examiner's decision is not the final one.

I would be more than happy to advise anyone, just inbox me a private message.

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Its good to hear positive stories like this. Beat the external examiner, straight into a job and have a real career. You are showing us there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Hi, adamA,

Congrats over overcoming crazy hurdles and coming out victorious. Thanks for the share.




dear Adam is it possible to receive some advise on failed phD, please? Where can I contact you please?