Feedback on my research so far


Hi, I recently had to present my research - where I am so far for my masters. It was marked by two markers. They both gave me feedback. One of the markers wrote some feedback and one of the comments I don't agree with. There were only a few comments on this markers feedback sheet.

I'm not sure what to do, I do feel misunderstood and I don't want to be walked over. I want to stand my ground so to speak. At the same time, I don't want to annoy anyone. I'm self-funded.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I expect this sort of thing is not that rare.


Hi Helebon

What was the nature of the comment you disagree with? Was it about your presentation style, or was it about the content or some aspect of your research?

When I receive comments I don't agree with I tend to just let it go (unless it is from my supervisors - as then there is an opportunity to defend it - but even then if it is minor I just let it go). But that doesn't mean you should! Depends what is at stake I guess. I mean, will it affect your mark? Is it really really getting on your nerves? Maybe you could ask if you could meet up and discuss the feedback.


Thanks. The marker was a stand in person, I didn't know them before the presentation or their work. The feed back from the marker is final, I asked. I can not discuss comments with the marker. I was planning on audio recording the presentation. I wish I did as it OK to do this, at least for developmental reasons.


OK. I honestly wouldn't worry about it then. There will always be people whose feedback we disagree with.

You could still reflect on your presentation skills without listening to it back. I normally write a few bullet points of reflection after presentations etc. It is really helpful to look back on later.

All the best

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Hi Helebon, people disagreeing with and critiquing your research or arguing with your position is part of academic life. Sometimes these feedback is accurate and relevant and sometimes it is down to the other person's critical perspective which is different.

They have a different perspective or take on the matter and take a different critical position or stance on the issue, and it will always be different from yours. As Tudor_Queen has said, you can just let it go; there are likely to be other times when this happens.

If the comment is about your work, and not the presentation style, and you need or wish to adjust your work before submitting it, so as to counter this person's criticism/feedback, can you build a counter argument into your work that reinforces your position and explains why this alternative perspective does not apply in your context?

Best wishes, P.

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This is completely irrelevant to the main topic of this thread, but I am going to apologise for the number of typos in my writing in recent weeks. I put it down to 'scrambled egg brain' brought on by excessive writing, editing and proofing fatigue (due to my submission in three weeks time) and eye sight that is progressively worse since I began this thesis some years ago. Please excuse. I can only hope it all improves after a bit of a rest and I have time to get my eyes checked and glasses updated. :)