Feeling lost


I am at the end of my PhD, I had my second year assessment done last week, which was 5 hours long. the examiner was not satisfied with the amount of work done and he asked me to do more work. I am still waiting for the assessment report, I don't think it will be very pleasing. the problem is that I feel lost, I feel like I have to do million things but don't know from where to start. two months left for the funds and I have a daughter and a wife who is on maternity leave. My supp is a nice man but I feel he does not have the experinse in graduating PhD students. the quantity of work done on diffirent areas has reduced the quality of my research. I feel like my work is rubbish and the examiners will enjoy torturing me in the exam room. I simply don't have the confidence in my work.


Not sure where you are doing your PhD, to be finishing after two years- or have I got that bit wrong? However I think you really have to wait to find out what you have to do to get it up to standard. Once you know you can start planning, get your supervisor involved with this and see what he has to say, I'm pretty sure he will know what he is doing, or know someone who can help you, go to see him with that idea in mind, pick his brains and ask if he knows who can help you with this final hurdle if you think you need to do this, but make sure you stress how much he has helped you too of course. best of luck, I'm sure you will get through this. :-)


sorry I did not make it clear, I am at the end of the third year, less than two months left for the funds to end.
Thank you for your advice, I will talk to my supervisor and get him involved with planing for what to do next.



With your 2 months left it will be helpful to plan your remaining time with the aim of generating the minimum results for the thesis. In my field (bio) that's usually 3 results chapters, so if there are 3 sub-stories within your research then aim to round them off.