Field Application Scientist as a Career Option for PhD's


Hi All!  

I remember the feeling of getting ready to graduate and thinking that I would find a job really quick because I had the almighty PhD.  I knew that I wanted to go straight into industry and I was focused on the Medical Science Liaison career.  I researched so much about this career and put all my hopes into getting this position. During the summer right after my graduation ceremony I was super happy to get  a call and an offer to fly out to California (I live in Georgia) to come for a 3rd and final MSL interview.  Unfortunately, I did not get this position and was told that other candidates had previous MSL experience and were a better fit.   I kept trying to land a MSL position for quite a few months and .... it never came through. 

I then remembered a career that one of my former lambmates mentioned several times; that she was going after.  It was the Field Application Scientist career and once I looked into it for myself, I realized that this career would fit me perfectly.  So that began my new FAS journey.  I applied to many roles and started getting calls to be interviewed.   I was more hopeful  in landing a FAS position because I realized that the recruiters seemed to be more open to candidates that were new PhD grads.

 However, this doesn't mean I landed my first role as a FAS quickly.   I interviewed with one company  beginning in the month of March (10 months after graduating) and was not  given an offer from this same company until the month of June; an exhausting process that did end with what I wanted...a job in industry!  If you are looking for an industry job out of grad school I  am here to tell you to stay hopeful!  It can happen quickly or it can take a very long time. Either way, if its what you really want stay determined and keep your eyes and ears open to what may be a great opportunity for YOU. 

The perks about being a FAS is:

you still get to experience or learn about  all of the novel science that is happening in academia or hospitals
you get to travel to different sites (my first position covered the entire U.S.,so it was a great travel opportunity)
you get to make connections with  so many other researchers 
you get to teach others and are seen as the expert for a product, process or platform 
and you are now in industry!  And there is a saying    "Once you are are IN!"

Here's to many more PhD's finding jobs they love*