find a supervisor or a title first? help me..


im wanna further study in phd but where should i start first = find a supervisor or title of proposal? thanks..


I'd look for a topic of interest. The supervisor I think is secondary, as relationships can change over time and are subject to whims of the moment. You'll be stuck with your project for three years if you choose wrong!


The two are inextricably linked though surely? That is, if you want to study a project with a particular theme then you need to find a supervisor who specialises in that field?


Hi - When I contacted my uni about PhDs I already had a rough proposal prepared. I then was given some good advice as to it's content and was then passed on to a supervisor. What I found though was that they were concerned as to whether (at the 6 month review) I would be able to continue even to MPhil not because my research topic wasn't good, simply because nothing is certain (you never know how your research is going to go!). I therefore chose to do an MRes which I have been assured can be upgraded to the MPhil and then at least I won't have wasted time, effort and money in that 6 month period and I can spend the year sorting out funding for the rest of the PhD - or I could apply for one already set up. If you definately don't want to do a masters I would apply for PhDs already available as there is less uncertainty about their fate - otherwise see where your uni stands as far as upgrading an MRes to a MPhil to then continue on.