Finding funding anywhere?


Another funding question...
Can you find funding anywhere? As in, if I put an advert up somewhere asking for funding with a description of my project (neural ageing and exercise), is this legal? Also, if someone offers me a sum of money (not happened yet but hoping!) am I allowed to take it for my project.
Once I start in September, I will try to contribute rather than leech, sorry.


Hi there,
Basically, I think you can accept funding from anywhere, AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN INDEPENDENT. So, if you accept funding from a specific interest group, you will have to demonstrate that they are not and will not be influencing your work and that you can write up any results even if they are not what your funding body wanted/expected.
Perhaps you can find more information on this question in your university's ethics guidelines.


Thank you, I will do this. Yes, I was thinking along the lines of supportive people but not involved in any way. I am starting to panic that I won't find funding.


Supportive people [i.e. begging letters?] may not really be the best use of your funding raising time in a cost/benefit sense. Sorry if that sounds negative. Not meant to.


Hi, That's fine, all comments appreciated. I have a few people very interested in my research and it was more along the lines of if they offer to help me financially, rather than me asking. I am a bit of a mouse so I can't see myself pushing.


Should have said in the first post 'making it known that funding would be required for this project!'