Finished my PhD ;-) ;-) ;-)


Hi everyone,

I have completed my PhD about 2 weeks ago and I am now just waiting for my graduation ceremony/ convocation which will be held at the end of this month. I will start working/ report duty tomorrow and please pray that everything will go well with my job.

I would like to thank everyone here for your replies, comments, suggestions and sharing/posting both your good and bad stories and experiences. Good stories motivated me that I could also achieve what others had achieved and bad stories reminded me that my condition was not the worst, there were other people in more difficult situations, but put a fight and struggled to survive- so should I do the same too. There were many times that I felt blank and wanted giving up, posting and reading the threads in this forum helped me a lot to keep going.

Although my PhD is far from getting me a nobel prize, does not change the world and is just a normal PhD, I am proud of just finishing the PhD. Same like many other students, my PhD had been a difficult journey- I didn't get much support from my supervisor, his area of expertise was different from my research, 80% of the input was from me, I had to start the research from scratch, no one in my lab was doing/ had done the same research, I didn't speak or even read the local language where I did the PhD and I was alone, without a family by my side throughout my study years. But, I am happy that I completed my PhD.

To those who are at the stage of finding a topic, literature review, experimenting, writing, doing corrections etc, believe me, if I can finally do it, so can you! You can do it!.

To all forum members, thanks again! You are my HEROES!!! ;-)

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Well done you!!! Have fun now Hu Hu-this is so well deserved.


WooHoo Dr HuHu, many congratulations on your brilliant achievement, I am thrilled for you and my best wishes with the new job :)