Finished PhD but still unemployed


You can have an update from me - lost my original account, but I think it's fairly obvious from my name who I am! Well, the voluntary work I did paid off - my PhD supervisor hired me as a postdoc on a 6 month project, which turned into 9 months. 1 month after that finished, I was offered a 3 year postdoc at another university, where I've now been for nearly 18 months.
Hope someone else has a positive update?


I have my Master degree, MSc information system from Thames valley University, BS degree in computer Sc, I am I-Direct Certified, earth station hub and networking, I have CCNA,(801) from CBT institute.
I have a unique mix of experience electronic, digital, hardware and software beside course fundamental of X-Ray and fundamental of power.
even when I apply for a job i have done it before they reject my cv what kind of justice in the employment filed


Could be an issue with the quality of your CV. Have you had someone look it over for you?


Work with recruiters! I am currently looking for PhD R&D (or technical/scientific marketing) person for a job based out of the Charlotte, NC area. Feel free to contact me about new opportunities at any point.


Maybe your problem is with your CV? Did you write it good? Or you can ask for quality letter of recommendation, that will also help you in getting a job