First APR review



Today I had my first annual progress review. Before the actual meeting, my supervisors read the progress report I submitted and congratulated me for the work done, saying that they were sure the pannel would remain impressed and satisfied with the work done so far. The actual review process started really well, with one member of the panel congratulating me for the report and commenting that he had enjoyed reading it. The interview process went quite well, considering I was really nervous at first, but I replied well to every question. I was surprised, therefore when after the panel had to decide on an outcome, they gave me a pass with small amendments. Now I feel I have let my supervisor down and that I didn't do a great job either writing the report or explaining it to the panel. At the end of the review, my supervisor sent me an email that had CONGRATULATION! as an object where he congratulates me and says that he is confident I can achieve the amendments required. I am afraid he is just being nice and supportive while I actually let him down after he took a chance on me supporting me in a PhD subject in which I wasn't specialised. I know I probably sound silly but I am always pretty unsure about my potentialities as a researche.


Everyone usually gets some amendments as a result of their reviews - that's what they're for! As it's your first review, you don't have perspective: this is a good result, and it seems clear to me that your report was good. Don't let the amendments devalue what you've done. You haven't let your supervisor down.

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No corrections for annual reviews, journal articles or your thesis is incredibly rare and virtually never happens. So don't worry about getting minor corrections, as that is very good. If reviewers give no corrections it means they see it as perfect which is uncommon when everyone in academia is so opinionated. I understand you feel that you have let people down and it is natural to want to do better but don't expect the near impossible.