First Journal Club Talk- eep!!!


Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone had some advice for someone who is somewhat terrified by the thought of her first presentation in front of the whole department?!
We have 20 mins on the paper then 10 for questions. I decided on a paper that is not related to my field to hide my blushes if I couldn't answer questions but now I've lost my bottle. You see I mentioned the paper to my supervisor and a couple of other students and they all give me really strange looks! I am an Astronomy PhD and my paper is on Astrobiology which I think is pretty interesting but apparently some of my colleagues don't think so!
Anyway, it would be great to get some tips about choosing a good paper and about presenting well to my seniors.

Thank you!!!


Hi Acidalia,
I too am giving my first presentation at the end of this month, to a room full of academics, but I'm presenting on a topic I know well. I think if you don't know the subject, far from hiding your blushes, it might make them deeper! If you know the topic well you can anticipate questions & look good with your answers.
Otherwise, PowerPoints with pictures are always a good idea - gives your audience something to look at - and is there any possibility of audience participation?
Good luck (up)


Hi Acidalia,

Have you presented yet? Mine was cancelled 1.5 hours before it was due to start! :-s

Hope yours went well, Mog


hi Acidalia
I read with interest that you are an astronomy phd :-) what do you think of Nassim Haramein's theory
Happy satchi