First time giving paper at a conference


There is a conference coming up in Sept (in Paris!) that is directly related to my studies. I am a 1st year student and I'm going to approach my supervisor with the idea of presenting a paper at it. But Im nervous about mentionning it to him. Is it too early? I only started my phd in Feb but I would love to be apart of this. The uni in Paris has a research project dedicated to my area of interest and would be fantastic to get involved.


It will be great, Good luck


If it is in the right area then it won't be too soon - I registered for my PhD in December and submitted an abstract at the end of December and got it accepted - off to Malaysia on Thursday.

Good luck


GO for it .. let him know about it and that you would like to be part of it. I was nervous when i first started about mentioning it to my supervisor, but then i learnt that if your shy you get nout !

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you have nothing to lose! if you get accepted great! and if not ,then who cares! Go anway - although you may want to check where the funding will come from for it.


Yes, Amanda! 'Shy bairns get nowt' ;-)


I'd say go ahead too. It's be very good to pick up ideas and talk to people at the start of your work (well at any stage of your work for that matter). No need to be nervous about mentioning to your supervisor at all. In any case it shows your initiatives. And like sneak says you have nothing to lose. Obviously if you get accepted that's great, but I would check out funding to see if you could still attend if you're not presenting. Given the conference is in the right area it'd be beneficial to go even if you're not presenting.

Good luck!


It's never too early to present at a conference! My first paper was delivered during my Masters, and I gave another paper 3 months after enrolling on my PhD. Your supervisor should ideally support you in this; it never hurts to submit a proposal. If it's strongly within your research area, consider the conference paper as preparation for a chapter or theme of your PhD. Good luck!


Hello Larrydavid
Doing a doctorate is one way to enter the academic community. Presnting a conference paper, OR GIVING A POSTER, demonstrate your commitment to your subjct. You can also cite your own work in your thesis because it will have been peer-reviewed. Examiners love that! Dont be overambitious in your proposal but focus on what you have already discovered and make sure that it links to the aims of the conference explicitly. Best Wishes, vernontrafford


Thanks to everyone who replied.

Since posting this I have spoken with my sup and he's told me to go for it. I started my project in Feb and have finished two-thirds of my first chapter and he think I should present a paper on one element on this chapter - nice backhanded compliment there! plus no need for too much extra researching, reading, and writing.

Of course I have to be accepted to present, and I'm not counting my chickens, but we'll see how it goes.