Forgot a figure in submitted thesis!


Arghh, I am such a muppet!
I just realised that I missed out a figure in my thesis, which was submitted a few weeks ago! What shall I do? I am likely to have my viva at the end of May (or thereabouts), so there is time to send the omitted figure to the examiners.. Is that the way forward, or shall I just bring the omitted figure to the viva?? It is kind of an important figure as I compare my results with a paper from the literature, but if the examiners really want, they can check out the cited paper (I doubt they will do that though..), so the data presented is not altogether new..

Any advice?? Something similar happened to any of you?


I realised yesterday that I've missed out a reference in the references section... for someone I cite quite often. I'm not worried. Just going to tell my examiners I am aware of the ommision when I get to my viva.

I think you should wait till the viva. Maybe your examiners won't notice you missed it?


I'd recommend (1) putting it on any list of errors that you spot as you read through (typos etc.) and taking copies of that list into the viva to hand to your examiners; and (2) also taking a printout of the figure with you, in case the examiners ask to see it on the day.

I took in a list of my errors, some of which they'd spotted too. It was all fine. And I made a slight pigs ear out of some of my figure/graph/table captions, which didn't trouble them, and was easy to fix in post-viva corrections. So don't worry :p


Hello Poppy

It happens even though it should not. Firsly, check with your supervisor and the University if they are prpeared to send your revised page to the examiners. The decision on that will be in the regualtions for submission and examination. If it can happen then provide the Univertsity with the corrected page. They will advise you if a letter from you is required to accompany the lateration page accompaning~ quite unlikely. Otherwise take along your corrected page to the viva, hand it over with a sincere apology to the eaxaminers. Most examiners will appreciate your honesty and then they will move on to the business of the viva. Thne, feel better yourself when you have done whichever route is possible.
BYE vernontrafford