Free 422 page content analysis methods book (highly recommended text)


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I just discovered by chance that this most awesome 422 page book is now available free-of-charge (open-access) online. There is probably a third edition out now, but I doubt that it changes much from this edition, which is very comprehensive. Those doing content analysis in your doctoral thesis, you might find that you need to use very comprehensive specialist content analysis handbooks such as these.

If you said in your thesis "I use content analysis" to scrutinise data, I think your examiner would frown. My personal opinion is that you need to say e.g. "I use content analysis methods such as narrative analysis, policy analysis and critical discourse analysis to ....". This handbook has very specific discussions about content analysis for film, media, classical literature etc.


Krippendorf, K (2004), Content Analysis: an Introduction to its Methodology (Second Edition),
Thousand Oaks, California USA.


Thank you for the link Dr Jay.


These links do not seem to work now and I tried them a few times before posting the entry and also a few seconds after it posted.

If you try Google Scholar and type "content analysis krippendorf 2004" the link to the full book definitely still works.

I usually advise people to access goodies like this while they are still open access, and they have been known to be removed shortly after.

Krippendorf 2004 is one of the best content analysis books out there. The other one I really like is

Neuendorf, K. A. (2002). The content analysis guidebook. Sage.


Thank you for the link.