From a village to city : story of a villager


Hey every one here . When i joined my graduation in a city college i never had seen a computer before it was year 2001 WOW can any body imagine ?? yes guys i joined a three year course in a government college Bachelor of Computer applications .
Helpless among smart generation of the developed towns. You can imagine the situation :-s Any how a year passed and i passed too ,-) i passed my first year with around 63 % or something . But computer languages like c and c++ remained a wonder for me and i still was not much aware of MY Computer and local drives C D E :-s and yes of course who likes to prepare his own meals in college days so i managed to have food in a shop for 30 rupees daily. bread and butter. A day came which i think was a God's wish . A girl said that Kumar you don't belong here you even don't know how to shut down the computer ? :-s That day was a turning point in my life guess what i read all books of c and c++ in my second year of graduation . year passed and i passed too ,-) . With 63 % of marks again . Can you believe that i was still a Looser (Looser with capital L). :-) .2004 Hey guys it's project time and guess what i scored maximum i developed a device driver 8-) . The state university approached me to present my newly developed device driver in the main campus of the University . WOW it was a great feeling after all i had read all books of C and C++ ,-) Any how year passed and i passed too and this time it was 75 % . HURRAY

Post graduation

I was a popular guy now in the town but spirit of loosing was not gone :-) . I failed in entrance exam of Masters degree . Miracle happened to me entrance exam was re conducted as seats were increased in the year 2004 . Guess what i passed this time and got admission in a college but again there is a twist in the story the college was new and faculty was under qualified. Its India after all. This is not a new thing. I never used to attend classes believe me and i never followed the syllabus . I was a bit overconfident . Was i ?? i don't know. Years passed and i passed too and some how i completed my PG. In PG i developed six projects no body developed more than one.

JOB in a software company
I went to Delhi the capital of India to search job and got option to work in a small company. They used to work on EDP. It was boring. I developed a system for them An automatic dynamic parser and gifted to the company for free of cost. Let me tell you what free means. They hired me on one condition. "WE WONT PAY YOU" . And look at me i agreed :-) Any how i left the work from company and realized that i am not born to work in the corporate environment my basic typical quality of being a villager was forcing me to come back to my village. And i went back to my village. it was 2007 winter . WOW my village has got a college now HURRAY . I decided to teach there and i got the opportunity to teach . Again University authorities suggested me to teach in the main campus as i was req


required there. "THEY SAID".
I am a born Looser i left the job after 2 years and realized that i a not born to teach like donkeys. I started some work on research and got one paper published internationally. My bad luck again knocked my door and university suggested me to join full time PhD . After passing entrance test i joined PhD. Its 2012 now i have best research paper awards and 3 international publications. By the way i work on computational linguistics. In 2011 I won scientist of the year award too . Life during PhD is miserable as i have no regular source of income. No scholarship. And guess what i am now unemployed. I now thing did i make right decisions in life ? I am now 30 year old and i don't know what will be my future but some where in side deep my heart i feel satisfaction. But again i think is it going to earn me my daily bread ??


Is this another character from the guy that created Heidi?


I thought it was maybe some creative writing student testing out an idea for a play or a film script.


I'm looking forward to the auto-biography!


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what i have written is true and its not a creative writing .or movie script .its just the snapshot of my feelings .. pain is yet to be written in form of words .... As i belong to a different caste (caste defined your social tag in Indian culture)... my caste has become an issue for my job and survival . as i said my awards and certificates are lying in my bag doing nothing .. i just don't want to look at them now