Full time or Part time History PhD?


So I have an offer for a history PhD programme in London but it turns out I accidentally sent my application to the wrong dept so by the time it reached history it was technically after the studentship deadline so my options are to either reject and reapply/defer to try to be considered for a studentship next year, thought it’s obvs not guaranteed, or go part time at work and do the phd part time which my potential supervisor says is fairly common as a lot of people do their first year full time and then switch to part time.

I think the main considerations are income and workload? My current job is an entry level charity job but it’s with an organisation that if I maintained and created more connections with could lead to outreach work during and after my PhD.

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Can you support yourself financially part time? I know plenty of students who have done part-time PhDs but they have had stable incomes. Also 6 years is a long time and do you think you can stay motivated for that long?