GCU ofr Leicester


Hi all,
can someone advice me whether to opt for GCU MSc in Ridsk Mng or for Leicester MSc in Actuarial Sciences (both online)



I would suggest that you email the module leaders and get their take on that question. Discuss what your hopes and ambitions are and I am sure they will be able to help. Is there not an open day that you can attend?



Thanks Lee
I am looking for a MSc totally distance learning. I live not in UK


Your question is a bit broad, and difficult to answer without knowing a bit more. To help you decide, the questions you should be asking yourself are:

- What do I want to get out this course?
- What do I aim to do career-wise afterwards and which of these will help me with that aim?
- Which University has the best reputation? (maybe someone on here can help you with this one - I have no idea!!)

The idea suggested below of contacting someone at the university is a good one, aprticularly if you have any specific questions to ask, as they will be the best people to answer those for you.