Getting accepted or rejected?


Had my chat on monday which turned into an interview. The supervisor said that if my background was not good then I would not have walked in the door at the institution, and what I need to do now is to send my references and if they look good then they will dicuss the project with me in the future.

What do you think my chanes are for being accepted and rejected?



Your chances of being accepted AND rejected are zero!


why do you say that?


don't be upset.

i am pretty sure it's a positive notion.

good luck!


I hope so... besides I have the funding so that is positive


MH, How do you have funding sorted already if you haven't been accepted to an institution yet? I'm just curious, didn't know that could happen.


My employer is funding me for my PhD.


Your chances look pretty good. Bear in mind people are generally lazy, what your potential supervisor is saying is: you look fine, assuming your references are fine, you're in.

Though of course he could have said that to other people too, but then he would also have indicated that there are other people in the pipeline.


What I meant about people being lazy is that if your supervisor thinks you are ok, then its easier for him/her to accept you than to go through the process of interviewing lots of people.


It seems your chances are 50/50 at the moment, although the fact that funding is in place is a major bonus! However just because funding is in place doesn't always mean you will be accepted.
My own situation is quite the reverse, I've been offered an unconditional place at Leeds Met, and i'm going through the process of funding at the moment. So rather than worrying about being offered a place, i'm worried about not getting funding!!!!!


Im being positive because not only do I have funding for 3 years but have secured funding for 9 years.
Obviously, the supervisor knows that I am very keen to carry out the proposed project and in terms of references, both my referees are going to give me a good reference.