Getting into teaching/lecturing


Given all this talk of people teaching, who do you talk to about taking on some responsibilities like this? I'm looking to do a bit of teaching but my PhD location is postgrad only; I wish to teach undergrad (cos I don't reckon I'm good enough for post grad!)


Hello- where I am there are a few ways to get involved in teaching- the first, which is meant to be the main way, is to ask your supervisors who will then sort something out for you (but sometimes this doesnt work given that sups are often not very interested). The other way was to ask the secretaries or those who book the teaching slots, who are usually better placed to give an idea of what teaching is needed etc. I suppose the other way would be to ask the person who is in charge of what you would like to teach if they need any assistance...hope that helps..


Much appreciated, I'll give it a go


If you fancy getting involved in teaching in schools you could try


What area are you doing your PhD in?


You could also send your CV off to other universities that are close to you (and have an undergrad population) - as well as calling them directly to enquire. Most universities have a list of 'part-timers' they call upon to teach additional units (... and priority usually goes to PhD students if the units are 'theory based').


you didnt mention your field. but if it has a practical side, try demonstrating. its less scary than lecturing and you can practise different teaching techniques in a supportive environment as you wont be the only one there! good luck :)


I'm doing theoretical dentistry, the sciency bit as oppossed to removing people's teeth with pliers. However, I'm also a state registered biomedical scientist


The best thing is asking your supervisor, director of graduate studies or head of department about teaching opportunities. I know of PhD students who are teaching at Masters level so the fact that your location is postgraduate only is not necessarily a problem. You could also try other universities in your area although in this case I don´t know if it´s better to send a speculative mail or to wait until they specifically open a position. I've also heard of PhD students teaching/tutoring at distance learning or PT institutions such as the Open University.


The field of dentistry, or medical research in the field of dentistry, is an area that will generally require a PhD, or a dentistry degree plus a few years of post-grad professional experience.

PhD students in this area usually get into tutorial or undergrad lab class supervision, that kind of thing. But that can be an interesting experience with which to build your teaching expertise up to the kind of full-blown undergrad or postgrad lectures you may be required to do after you earn your PhD.


I'm ill qualified to teach dentistry, especially to postgrads! I thought I'd start small and see how I got on, thanks for all the help


What kind of teaching are you wanting to do? General undergrad biomedical science?


That'll suit me fine; prefer first years as they're less likely to catch me out


The best time to catch 'em is first semester of their first year. They're all still wide-eyed and attentive and university still has a slight gloss about it.

The sex, drugs and rock-n-roll starts to really kick in in 2nd semester.


Must have missed that phase...damn.