Gift for supervisor?


Those of you that have graduated, or are about to do so... Did you give your supervisor any gift to thank him for his guidance? Do you know if that's the habit?


Haven't quite come to the stage yet - still quite a bit away. However, I'm going to forward them a pdf copy of my thesis by e-mail with their names emboldened and italicised in the acknowledgements to cut costs.


sure, I will do when the time comes. What are you thinking of?


I'm planning on getting mine some organic fairtrade wine. There's a couple of places online that can deliver a bottle / crate, depending how much you want to spend.


Wine sounds like a good idea. At the risk of sounding like a daft sod I want to get mine something special when I leave. He's been amazing with me and I am his first PhD student so I think it would be nice. No idea what yet though!


I've got a few months to go but I was planning on some sort of alcoholic contribution to each of my team (sup no1 has a handy penchant for whisky and red wine).


My supervisor does not drink (nor eat chocolate) so I sent him the first series of Shaun the Sheep which he is addicted to! Weird but he really appreciated it. Also presenting him with a bound copy of the thesis.


i got mine a bottle of good supermarket wine (~8 pounds) - considering the amount of supervision i got, i think that's fair. one phd in another group at my uni invited his supervisor and the supervisor's family (wife, 2 kids) to a theme park for a day and they all loved it. but he got on amazingly well with his supervisor. i guess it depends on how much your degree is really 'owed' to your supervisor.


I bought my supervisor a bottle of whiskey a couple years in to my PhD just as a general thank you. I think it would be a nice gesture to give a gift at graduation just to acknowledge them.