Girlie question - conference clothes!

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I guess it also depends on what people feel comfortable and confident in. I've opted fr the smartish trousers, and the final deciding factor is that I want to feel different to the way I do when I am slobbing around the house etc.


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Some great suggestions thanks! PhD bug - I'd rather wear jeans and a tee but 'feel' I ought to 'look' the part - I also look really young so don't want to be mistaken for someone who's ended up in the wrong place! I'd best get shopping! Now to deal with the nerves...!

PS - I'm quite shy - are people normally on their own at conferences? There is a PhD conference preceeding the main one, so I'm hoping I'll meet some people there.

Don't worry about being shy - although I've not been to many conferences, I've found that people tend to talk to you, especially at meals. Just make sure you sit next to folk at dinner and I'm sure they'll chat away. The younger folks (PhD students) tend to stick together, so I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to tag along with.


Conferences seem to differ in their dress codes. I often look up conference websites to find photos of past conferences to get an idea of what is usual.


I've worn flip flops to a conference before (3 day) but when I presented I wore smart clothes. It depends on your area too, I reckon scientists can be quite slobby and vary from one extreme to the other. If you are attending a conference for mostly students, then you can expect a large majority to be in jeans.

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Oh dear, I'm going to a student one, maybe I'll be overdressed...

Students wear smart casual for our department seminars tho, so maybe not. Too late now as I am already at my destination, a long way from my wardrobe, and I don't think the sundress I'm wearing today will go down too well.

Am now having a bit of a flap about the paper, thinking that it's not written the way I'd so it now, but hey ho, I'm here now so apart from a bit of tweaking, that's that.


Good luck Eska, and I'm sure you look lovely :-)

When are you presenting?



I presented at my first conference here a few weeks ago. I didn't have a clue what to wear (very unusual for me) and my supervisor is male too so couldn't dare ask him! In the end I wore a nice grey dress with a little bit of white lace at the neckline and a pink cardie. I changed into a plain black dress and cropped black cardie for the dinner. I think I looked ok! :-)


ok girls (and/or guys if you stop by)

I have a question. Monday - am organising a biggish student symposium - am organiser, a chair and am also the first presenter of the day. Day ends in the pub really, no dinner. Just a lunch and tea breaks in a packed programme.

Is it ok to wear a nice cotton dress (rather lacy in texture, if I am explaining myself), creamish in colour, ends about 2 inches above the knees with opaque black tights? It's a home symposium and purely student crowd. The dress is the fitted kind (not indecent or something, just somewhat contoured and very casual).

Other option - to go for jeans and top as is my usual but (:$) just wanted to dress up a bit...

Formals are out for this one, and I know cos it's the thrid year, and am organising this year, so I really know this thing..

Other info in case needed - am brown btw, black hair with fancy bangs etc.


Sounds lovely Bug :-) not too dressy but not too dressed down either