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Hi guys

Just wanted to throw this out to the forum...

Basically a permanent lectureship has come up in my department. This is the first time in maybe 10 years or more that a position has become available in the department. I am waiting now for my viva date and I am applying for the job. I meet all of the essential criteria. I currently teach on the module that will be one of the main responsibilities of the position. My specialist area would fill a gap in the department as there are currently no modules or MA courses focusing on this area in the department. My sup simply sent me the cryptic message - "If you don't apply, you'll never know."

Now I am NOT saying that I am the perfect candidate or should definitely get the job.

My point for this thread is to ask if you guys have had any experience or stories of your uni or departments preferring (or not) to promote from within?? Would it not be strange for a department to help you develop as a scholar and then say actually you're not good enough to continue in this institution??

At least this over-thinking is taking my mind off the upcoming viva!!

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I think you are FAR more likely to get it if you already know the institution, have taught in it etc. - even if it just helps tailor your interview answers i.e. when they say "how can you contribute" you can say "well I can teach on module XYZ" - whereas other candidates have to be far more vague with their answers.

Having said that, if someone turns up with amazing publications - and they're recruiting in time for REF submission, then I wouldn't count your chickens.

Good Luck!


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Thanks Sneaks.

I am definitely NOT counting any chickens whatsoever.

Yeah, the publications point could be an issue. But at this stage of my early career I have two journal articles and one in press (plus a handful of book reviews). Through a bit of networking a reputable publishing house wants to publish my thesis and start negotiations as soon as I pass (if I pass!) the viva.

I think its my stage of career that is going to go against me. Nothing I can do about that though really... (Yes I am still over-thinking things!!!)

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early career researchers only need to submit 1 paper for REF 2014, so you'll be sorted. I was pretty much hired because I have a reasonably good publication for the REF.

I was very enthusiastic, but confident (not cocky) in my interview - I think my stage of my career helped me - I sat in the waiting room with post-docs with 3 years post-doc experience and huge research portfolios, but I guess they wanted someone who they could mould a little, had the publication and also was interested and excited about the role! - many of the other candidates were looking at it as a stepping stone to going to the U.S. or something.


I'm not at all sure that you have an advantage as an insider in an academic department, from what I've seen.

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Just to note, I didn't get my job in the same institution (but I did know people in the department here already) - I think it was good for me to spread my wings though, I was in danger of being treated like the 'phd student/dogsbody' for the next 10 years otherwise.

Also, I got a lectureship and can definitely see the positives in postdocs now - they give you time to research and hone some publications. My experience of the lectureship so far is that there is NO ONE to support you - you're researching on your own which is a bit daunting and it is very hard to get time around teaching to do any work. Although it does obviously offer better security (i.e. not an 18-24 month contract)


Yeah Sneaks those are really good points. In fact since the 2nd year of my PhD my sup has been talking about exactly that - looking to post-docs that build upon my PhD research...

We will see what happens. All I can do is apply and if this post doesn't work out then maybe something else will.


My supervisor is advising me to go for Postdocs rather than a 'proper' job for those same reasons - I am also applying for lectureships though as I need a secure(ish) job! Just for the record, in our dept there have been several lectureships come up recently but none of them have gone to internal applicants even though they've applied for them - it may well be different for you though :-)