Good enough grades for funded PhD


This has probably/definitely been asked 100000 times but here we go. I'm currently in the process of looking/applying for funded PhDs in the UK. I have a strong First Class BA(Hons) and I'm currently undertaking my MSc thesis. However, certain things this year have meant that some of my grades aren't what I had hoped for and I feel I may just miss out on a distinction for the MSc. Currently I have module grades of 59,63,78,81,85 one is currently unknown but I'm hoping for high 60's or low 70's and the final chunk is my thesis. I think you can see which modules did not go to plan.

So I'm wondering what are the chances of me getting funded if I end up with a high Merit but with what seems to be a bit of a staggered grade profile.


This question has been answered before :-) and I normally get defensive when someone suggests you can't get funded if you don't have really good academic qualifications - I'm living proof that you can. Although I do have quite a lot of experience working in industry.

I think you'd stand a pretty good chance with those qualifications, but as always with any job, it depends on who else is applying

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Agree with chantedsnicker that is possible with a 2:1 but it depends on the competition. Your average looks good with only 2 modules bringing you down which isn't too bad.

It also depends on the field you are going into, if the PhD is close to one of your high scoring modules or your thesis, you still have an excellent chance. Apart from grades (which are important) they want to see a passion for your field and possibly relevant skills/experience. If you can show them you have a good chance.