Good news and a piece of advice


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share some good news. I have found a scholar, outside my institution, who agreed to become my second supervisor! So that's the news:-)

Now, some of you share the same problem which I have been dealing with for quite a while, and that is the lack of proper support/advice/expertise from our supervisors. I spent months emailing, calling, traveling to meet other scholars and like a beggar asking for their help. Whatever I have done so far I've done on my own and all I needed was someone to tell me whether I am going in the right direction or whether I am doing something right or wrong. I think that's the least you can expect from your supervisor.

Now, it took a long long time and loads of stress and frustration (and yes to the point where I had the 'quitting' thoughts caused by the total loss of hope and motivation). What's my point though? Please do not cease to search for scholars/PhD students/experts. Many will have no time for you, some will only suggest some readings, others will agree to discuss your research etc. It is something! Finally, there are those who will agree to dedicate time to you on monthly or even weekly basis and those who will even agree to become your second supervisors.

So please, do not let 'lack of proper supervision' take you down or not to mention quit (if that's the reason). Ask for help wherever you can and you will find answers and help that you need.

Good luck!