Grant funding issue- PhD student and supervisor



I have an issue with my supervisor. I am in my fourth year PhD study and my supervisor wants me to write a funding application from my PhD topics in which he knows little about!. As a student, I am not allowed to be a PI or CI in the funding application because that is UKERC regulation is. They want a Uni staff. The supervisor therefore will be the PI along with a group of other collaborators as CI. The supervisor promised that if the funding is successful, I will be the RA of the project!

Obviously, it is me who will write the idea and the funding application so why I give that for free? Is this morally acceptable from the supervisor’s point of view?

He said that in all UK universities, this is the norm in which the supervisor takes the PhD student idea and apply for funding. Also said that the IP of a PhD student work belongs to the Uni and therefore the supervisor can write funding application from the student work without asking!
Anyone please faced similar issue?