Grants database?


Hi all,

I received an invitation for a research visit in the USA to collaborate with an expert of my field. I have messaged already the Mellon Foundation to ask for possible grant opportunities.

Has anybody any grant database that would like to suggest? (In my case it's Humanities/Arts, but other fields can turn useful to other people)


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I honestly don't know of any grants database. It would be nice if there was one though.

If you are trying to find grants asking around in the faculty is a good idea. I know in my department there are regular emails about grant opportunities coming up from various bodies. You can also ask researchers directly as a lot of them may be in sperate fields/institutes/email lists that have open funding. Like I got a training grant from an obscure research network that my supervisor was told about by a friend. A lot of the smaller grant bodies don't advertise that much so asking around to find them can help.


Hi Rewt,

I had used once a database that was working quite well (monthly subscription) but can't remember the name. As soon as I will find it again, I will post it here. Meanwhile I have found this search algorithm. Try to see if it is good also for your fields:
It looks nice.

Indeed I was wondering about asking the faculty - often they tell you "That would be great - if you find some funding". Should I answer something like: "have you got any idea if there is some external funding I could apply for?" to the advisor or should I maybe send an email to a specific office in the University?


Here another that might turn useful to other postgraduates:

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Hi lucedan,

Thanks that looks good, I will give it a try. Though it is sad that the grant databases are all subscription models when a lot of the money is from charities and government. I don't ask myself as my supervisor is always asking herself.

Literally, at the end of every meeting, my supervisor always says something like "I want to do X but don't have the money, I am applying to Y, do you know anywhere else I can try" to one of the other attendees. Usually, they suggest somewhere. She also regularly asks at the end of an email something like " do you know any new funding opportunities coming up?" Her attitude is to ask people after having a conversation about something else and generally, people are helpful.

I know in my university there are various funding co-ordinators who as part of their job actively look for money and send out weekly emails. Maybe you could find someone similar?


Thank you Rewt, precious information. I will contact the hosting university and ask to be put in contact with some funding co-ordinator to discuss the topic.

Meanshile, I have found this website which looks full of information about grants of any kind. Hope it could turn useful to others!