My PhD application was rejected. I was told that I should do their Masters course and even though I have proven that I can study at postgraduate level, the Masters I am currently doing doesn't really count because it is in a different field.

A friend suggested I appeal the decision, but I don't want to be 'grovelling' for acceptance. If I thought it would help, I might consider. Has anyone ever appealed and been successful? An MPhil is not possible, because the Uni doesn't offer it.


I would'nt bother appealing, the reality is that rejection comes hand in hand with PhD applications once in a while. And it seems to be an annoying fact that some Universities have a snobby view of other MSc's from other Universities and always seem to plug theirs as better.

Good luck though and keep applying elsewhere if you can.

Regards Wolfe


dont feel too gutted about it, sometimes the sups actually do know best (shocking i know). i dont know what field you were applying to, but sometimes, if you dont have the basic knowledge of the topic you want to research it can be very difficult to do the phd, even if you are capable of putting the effort in and thinking like a researcher. from personal experience, i started a phd that was vaguely related to my proir degree and i wish sooo much that id done a masters in it first, ive had to learn so much new stuff, without any prior experience, as well as working on the stuff id already done and it's been soo difficult, i spent the entire first year convincing myself not to leave. so keep positive, its possible this just isnt the project for you, and if its a field you still want to work in, try the masters or take a different approach that draws more on your own masters...if that even makes sense, my brain is broken today!

(up) a super huge good luck to you!


Appealing in this situation would be like appealing to an ex-fiance for breach of promise: even if you win - you lose.

I can imagine your frustration since you already have a masters. I had to do a masters to bridge the gap from my first degree to PhD - I could never have managed without it.


Thanks for the replies. I have picked myself up, dusted myself off, and am moving on. Whatever it takes, I will get my PhD.


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*offers hugs*

Don't give up. It will all be worth it in the end. I would suggest asking the supervisor who turned you down for feedback, rather than appealing. It might be more constructive and could help you improve for the next application.